What is Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are paid messages placed on Facebook by businesses. It allows you to write in your own style. You can also reach out to the people who are most important to you.


Facebook Ads is the social network Facebook’s advertising platform that promotes products and services through text, image, or video advertisements. Because of its large audience (approximately 2,200 million people) and excellent segmentation capabilities, it is a popular marketing channel for businesses.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

1. You Can Target your Exact Audience.

2. You’ll reach far more people than with organic posts.

3. With proper targeting, you can get cheap clicks and conversions.

4. With Facebook Ads, you can easily find new leads.

5. You Can Include a Custom Call-to-action Button.

6. You Can Scale Your Content Promotion Easily.

7. You will increase customer loyalty.

Types of Advertising in Facebook Ads

There are several advertising formats available on Facebook, which should be used depending on the advertiser’s goals. The objectives must be defined in advance in accordance with the business goals and include the public interaction desired.

Allows you to select one of the following goals:

  • Recognition. They are the goals that drive interest in your product or service.
  • Consideration. Facebook includes here the objectives that manage to pique the interest of people who are influenced by one or more advertisements in your company.
  • Conversions. The ultimate goal is to persuade people to buy the company’s product or service.

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